This week’s tip is from Hall of Fame New Jersey high school coach, James Stroker. Stroker coached basketball, baseball, and football at Ridgewood High School and is currently a motivational speaker & yoga instructor.



This is not some math quiz, but rather a formula Coach Stroker quotes often for making the most of the life the Lord has given each one of us.

E is for events which are largely out of your control.
R is for your response which is entirely in your control.
O is for the outcome.

As an athlete you can not control what your opposition does, or your teammate or your coach. You can not control the environment. Speaking as one who has twisted his ankles numerous times, it is very hard to control injuries. What you can do is have complete control over your response.

This formula is perhaps best displayed in his daughter, Ali, who was paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident when she was 2 years old. Despite being wheelchair bound ever since then, Ali is now a broadway star! She is a true inspiration and more about her can be found at her website here:


She talks about “finding the gift” in every situation, every event. What is your response to difficulty? Do you “find the gift” or do you complain and feel sorry for yourself?

Remember, the events don’t determine the outcome… the events plus your response do!

For more on Coach James Stroker, visit his website.