This week’s tip is from David Boudia and Steele Johnson who won the silver medal at the Olympic games in Rio in the synchronized diving competition.

“Knowing that my identity is rooted in Christ and not in the competition, whatever the result might be, I can just enjoy the experience.”

Here is an article from Independent Journal that has an interview with Boudia and Johnson after winning their silver medal.

Two American Divers Share Silver Medal Glory and Something Even Bigger…Their Faith

I often see athletes on TV quickly thank God for their success, as if they’re obligated to, and then move on to the rest of the interview. What Boudia and Johnson said seemed very genuine and heartfelt to me. I also think they shared an incredibly valuable nugget of wisdom. Our identity is to be in Christ, and by putting it there an athlete can compete and enjoy the sport without NEEDING anything from it.

With your identity in Christ you can want the gold, work for the gold, strive, sacrifice, bleed, sweat, and beat your body silly for the gold, but you don’t NEED the gold. And if you don’t need it to satisfy your ego/identity, then you are free to enjoy the moment and relax and perform in the moment.

Putting his identity in Christ and not in basketball success is one of the lessons Thomas Conner learns in my novel, The Blue Team. The positive feedback on The Blue Team continues to amaze me. I may have written the words but it is the Lord who uses the story and speaks to people.

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