This week’s tip is from former college basketball player, Lauren Hill. Hill played one year for Mount St. Joseph University before succumbing to brain cancer.

lauren hill never give up

Do you remember Lauren Hill? She died just over a year ago on April 10th. Suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, Hill was able to play in a few games for Mount St. Joseph before becoming too ill. Her story became a national one. Her struggle became a cause.

ESPN did a wonderful story on her a few months before she died. The video is below. When I watch that video and others like it, I am struck by her courage and ability to smile. With all the physical pain she endured and the emotional stress of having a terminal illness, she was still able to smile.

Lauren’s story also demonstrates the positive & powerful abilities of sports. Would we know who Lauren Hill was if she didn’t play basketball? Probably not. But once she stepped onto the basketball court all eyes were on her.

Today’s tip…. like Lauren said, Never Give Up… and like Lauren proved, someone is always watching: act accordingly.