Next week Clark Kellogg will be busy with his duties covering March Madness and the Final Four so I will be the host for BCI’s Court Side Live event on Tuesday, March 29th at 9PM EST.  It’s a fun event where the pro athletes let their guard down and really open up. The questions come from the audience and me.  They’re sometimes personal questions about their faith, struggles, desires, etc.  In past events we’ve had athletes like Adrian Branch of ESPN, NBA coach Monty Williams, Luke Ridnour, Nick Anderson, and Olden Polynice.  The link to event is below.

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On the 29th we’ll have former Toledo star and second round draft pick of the 76ers, Casey Shaw … Jawad Williams, who won an NCAA title at North Carolina in 2005 and played in NBA for the Cavs …  And 1993 Heisman trophy winner and 12 year NBA veteran, Charlie Ward.  Ward won the Heisman while playing QB for Florida State and then spent 10 of his 12 years in the NBA playing point guard for the NY Knicks.

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Tune in on the 29th at 9PM EST.  I’m sure we’ll be talking about the Final Four and upcoming NBA playoffs.  And come with questions ready. I’ll see them on my computer screen and ask they players for you.  It’s a fun time!

Now that you know a bit about Shaw, Williams, and Ward, here’s my short bio: I played basketball in college at George Washington University.  Traveled two summers with Athletes in Action.  After college I coached at the college and high school level before embarking on my sports broadcasting career.  Over the years I’ve worked for ESPN, OLN, CBS, Pac12 Network, Universal Sports, and others.  I recently released my first book, The Blue Team.  It’s a heart warming story about faith & basketball, fathers & sons, and the redemptive power of Christ.  “I laughed, I cried, and cheered as the story behind the story unfolded.” Mike Jarvis – former George Washington & St. John’s head coach.  For more info go to my other website,  To purchase click on the Lulu button below.

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