This week’s tip is from former basketball coach Bob Donewald. Bob was the head coach at Illinois State and Western Michigan.

“When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.”

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Bob is a wonderful man that I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside calling college basketball games on TV. Before he became a head coach he won a national title as an assistant to Bob Knight at Indiana.

You might be asking yourself, how does the pupil get ready? Coach Donewald said they need to start asking serious questions like, “What am I here for?” or “What do I want to accomplish?” and “How do I get there?”

Are we here on earth just to win basketball games? Just to become famous for being a great basketball player? I think not. I love the sport of basketball but life is more than just the next game. Sports like basketball are a way to learn discipline, develop a strong work ethic, set goals, and mature as a person. What coach wouldn’t love to have a player who not only wants to improve his jump shot but also mature and be more disciplined?

Thomas Conner wanted to be famous. He wanted to be the next Larry Bird. But we’re not at our best as athletes when we want or need the game to give us something. We’re at out best when we play because we love to. Thomas was able to see the danger in placing his identity in something other than the Lord. His teacher had always been there, but it took a huge mistake for him to finally be ready to learn.

Thomas Conner is the main character in my novel, The Blue Team. I am proud to announce that I will be releasing The Blue Team on March 14th of this year! I’ll have further updates in upcoming tips.

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