This week’s tip is once again from former college coach, Mike Jarvis. Jarvis was the head coach at Boston University, George Washington, St. John’s, and Florida Atlantic. He recently published “Everybody Needs A Head Coach.

Don’t Believe The Hype

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Chapter 17 of Jarvis’ book is entitled “Everybody Needs A Reality Check.” In it he tells the fascinating story of Lenny Cooke. I’d never heard of him but at one point he was a more highly regarded high school prospect than his contemporary, LeBron James. But Cooke went undrafted and never played in the NBA. You can look him up online or get Coach Jarvis’ book. Cooke believed the hype everyone was saying about him. His pride got the better of him and his story is sad one.

As Coach Jarvis says in his book, the biggest battle we face is in our mind. Pride and arrogance are not among the fruits of the spirit … but self control is. Achieving athletic success takes a lot of self control/self discipline, and much of it needs to take place in the mind.

Confidence in your abilities is different from a prideful spirit that comes from listening to all the hype. I had an old coach who used to tell us the guys on the opposing team put their pants on one leg at a time. He said it so we wouldn’t be intimated no matter what their reputation. The same line should be applied to one who is caught up in his or her own reputation. No matter how good you are, or think you are, you still put your pants on one leg at a time.

Stay humble and don’t believe the hype. It’s a short trip from confidence to arrogance.

“Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18


Also, it’s been a year since I used a speech from Indianapolis Colt’s head coach, Chuck Pagano, for a tip. Not many people saw the video of a speech he gave over 3 years ago. I like it so much I included it in this week’s tip.