This week’s tip is from Jim Loehr. Loehr is the author of numerous books including “The New Toughness Training For Sports.”

Toughness is not a destination: it’s a journey without end.

Toughness for training book photo

Regular readers of my Tip of the Week will recognize Jim Loehr and his book. I featured Loehr earlier this year. His book has a number of excellent ideas on mental toughness. The biggest key I think is being in the present moment. Loehr suggests thinking & visualizing these thoughts daily.

1 – I will put myself on the line today
2 – I will not surrender today
3 – I will not turn against myself during tough times today
4 – I will come totally prepared to compete today
5 – I will not show weakness on the outside today
6 – The crazier it gets today, the more I will love it
7 – I love competing more than winning…today!

As you might imagine, I added the “today” in each of those points. If you are a coach, player, plumber, baker, banker, teacher – you name it, people care not what you did yesterday, they care what you are doing TODAY!

While writing this I am reminded of Darius Walker. Darius and I called a few games together for ESPN3. He played at Notre Dame and a few years in the NFL. Even though his playing days are over, Darius keeps himself in incredible shape. I remember working on my game notes in my hotel room and above me it sounded like someone was jumping up and down over and over again. Later I met Darius for dinner and he told he was doing his Insanity workout in the room above me! Darius, who looks like he could still play, understands being tough has no finish line.

So have a great practice or game today!

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross DAILY and follow me.” Luke 9:23