This week’s tip is from former college basketball coach, Mike Jarvis. Coach Jarvis won 422 games as head coach at Boston University, George Washington University, St. Johns, and Florida Atlantic. He took his teams to 9 NCAA tournaments and to the NIT 6 times.

“Everybody Needs Humility”
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Jarvis was head coach my final year at GW. In the previous 4 years we weren’t any good, but when Coach Jarvis arrived, he turned things around rather quickly. We came within 6 points of winning the Atlantic 10 Championship and going to the NCAA tournament.

Coach Jarvis had 8 successful years at GW and then took over at St. John’s. In his 6th year at St. John’s he lost his coaching job. Through this difficult event, he learned much about humility. “Everybody Needs Humility” is the subtitle for chapter one of his recently released book, “Everybody Needs A Head Coach.” I won’t spoil the rest of the chapter because I think you should get the book and read it too! But I will read you this one line near the end of the chapter: “Ultimately, getting rid of pride in your life and living with humility is all about surrender.” Can’t be said any better. When we surrender our pride, our mind, everything, to God we become true believers.

This same concept of humility and surrender holds true for anyone on a team playing under a coach. The player must be humble enough to receive correction from a coach and surrender his goals and desires for that of the team. If he can’t, if his pride won’t allow it, then he’ll be un-coachable and never learn anything, as well as be a horrible teammate.

When I am broadcasting a football or basketball game, I find it refreshing when someone makes a big play and their teammates celebrate the play more than they do. The humble athletes don’t sing their own praises, they let others do that. Proverbs 27:2 “Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth…”

I’ll be sharing more from Coach Jarvis’ book in weeks to come but I encourage you to get a copy for yourself, which you can by clicking on the link below. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Coach Jarvis book