This week’s tip is from Fitness Motivator. Here is a link to their Facebook page.

“People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours.”

Well, that’s not very positive. Okay, let’s turn it around to something like this: No matter what happened or is happening with your dreams, don’t discourage anyone else’s.

I want my weekly emails to not only encourage you, but also help you BE an ENCOURAGEMENT to others. If someone has told you their dreams, that means they trust you. If the dream is worthy, then do whatever you can to help that person.

If you have big dreams, whether in sports or not, and have encountered discouraging people, just remember the words of Jim Valvano: “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” Let your strength build them up rather than let yourself be brought low by their weakness.

On another note, I will soon be receiving my copy of Mike Jarvis’ new book, “Everybody Needs A Head Coach.” You can order your copy online at

Coach Jarvis book

And finally, I just finished my latest round of edits on my upcoming novel, The Blue Team. It’s off to my editor and a few other people. Still hoping to have it released this fall. Stay tuned!

Blue Team cover look-page-001