This week’s tip is from Coach Mac who runs the website,

“Un-coachable kids become unemployable adults. Let your kid get used to somebody being tough on them. That’s life, get over it!”

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I love this quote! I am a big believer that sports can teach us a lot about ourselves and how to succeed in life. Life can be tough. Over the years I’ve discovered we are the ones who usually makes our own lives tough. Not listening to coaches at a young age will teach you to not listen to others when you get older. That’s not a good habit to cultivate.

For you parents reading this, I think you get it.

For young players reading this, trust me, when a coach or parent is being tough on you, it’s because they want you to get better. Being tough on you shows they care. Very much! If they didn’t care they wouldn’t be tough on you. They’d simply ignore you.

Don’t be ignored. Listen to your coaches! Your future bosses, friends, co-workers, spouse, etc. will thank you.