Today’s tip is from 11 year NFL veteran, John Fina. John was an offensive lineman who played 10 years with the Buffalo Bills making 2 Super Bowl appearances.

John Fina

“Submit to the pain of failure to realize the joy of success and resurrection.”

I got to know John calling college football games on ESPN3. His tip is actually in three parts. The quote above was followed by, “The darkest times in my life were those marked by my inaction and paralyzation due to fear.” And then he offered the much quoted quote, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Think about the life of an NFL offensive lineman. Most plays he takes one step and gets smacked, wolloped, and hit by another enormous human being. Play after play. Game after game. Season after season. If John wasn’t willing to take that first step, day in and day out, his career would have never happened. If instead of engaging the defender in front of him, he froze and let his fear take over, he would never have succeeded.

Fear of getting hit by a 300 pound NFL defender is rational for most of us, but how often do we let fear paralyze us in our daily life? Do you fear the consequences if you miss the game winning shot? Do you fear getting cut at tryouts? Fear your new business venture going under? What’s the alternative in each scenario: you don’t take the shot guaranteeing you’re team will lose: you don’t go to the tryout guaranteeing you don’t make the team: you guarantee business failure by not starting it in the first place.

Fear is the exact opposite of love. And fear that causes inactivity means the journey will never start. This is truly a dark place. But the pain of failure can be a good teacher if you’re willing to learn. It can lead to success and resurrection.

Here’s to your success!