It should not be a surprise that successful coaches tend to share similar principles.  Still, it was a bit surprising when I stumbled across an interesting connection between National Championship winning football coaches, Urban Meyer and Mike Van Diest.  I originally saw the below article on Facebook.  It was posted by an old GW basketball teammate of mine.

On March 13th of this this year in one of my Tips of the Week, Mike Van Diest suggested the same thing!  He too wants his players competing in multiple sports in high school.  This way they learn to compete, learn to listen and follow the advice of multiple coaches, make more friends, etc.

mike van diest  urban meyer

It’s no coincidence these two coaches promote the very same principle.  They are great coaches who understand athletes should compete, they should use their God given talents in more than one sport.  And you’d be wise to listen to Meyer and Van Diest.  Meyer has won three Division 1 National Championships with two schools, and VanDiest has won six National Championships at the NAIA level at Carroll College.