This week’s tip is from best selling author, Steve Chandler, in his book, Reinventing Yourself.  Chandler is a successful public speaker and author of over 30 books.

“We don’t have permanent personalities, we have shifting patterns of thought.”

You might be thinking, what does this have to do with sports?  Well, here’s the analogy Steve gave to back up his statement.  “In baseball there are some hitters who can hit as easily from the right side of the plate as from the left.  That wasn’t natural.  It wasn’t who they were.  No one is born that way.  But they put new patterns in place and became switch hitters, now effortlessly and gracefully hitting with power and precision from either side of the plate.”

How do switch hitters do it?  With relentless practice and knowing they are not stuck who they are.  We all can change!

You may have a player (or child) who thinks he’s too quiet to be a leader, not tough enough for the varsity, etc.  It’s up to YOU to tell that athlete he’s not stuck where he’s at.  He doesn’t need to defend that old personality.  He can change; he can blossom into the athlete or person he wants to be.  And the words you and that athlete use are vitally important.  Business consultant Becky Robbins is quoted in Reinventing Yourself: “Some people use language to describe the lives they lead, and other people use language to create the lives they lead.”

Let’s all start relying more on The Word and our words to create the lives we lead!