This week’s tip is from legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden.  Wooden won 10 NCAA titles at UCLA and inspired millions with his quotes and famous pyramid of success.

john wooden

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

Players, students, children – everybody needs to be corrected.  But the goal of correction is to elicit a change response, not simply point out somebody’s flaws.  You want the player to avoid making the same mistake again.  And the better the coach gets at giving correction, the easier he makes it for the player to not be resentful.  One way to do that is balance correction with heavy doses of praise and encouragement.

I also realize that no matter how adept the coach is at holding his players accountable or how much he praises them, the player needs to be humble and mature enough not to be resentful of correction.  Coach Wooden’s tip focuses on the coach, but it’s really a two part equation with player and coach.

Coaches, a good verse to keep in mind is Ephesians 6:4 which admonishes fathers not to provoke or exasperate their children.  Players, go read Proverbs; it’s chock full of verses that point out the wisdom in willingly receiving correction and learning from it.

For a more in depth look at Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, click the link below.

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