This week’s tip is a repeat from Joe Cravens.  Joe was the head basketball coach at the University of Utah, University of Idaho, and won over 100 games at Weber State.

Make sure when you say “I’m working as hard as I can” you don’t really mean “I’m working as hard as I ever have.”

This was the first tip I used when I started the Tip of the Week six months ago.  Can you tell I like it?  I think it’s a great idea for any athlete to ask himself every day, “Am I working as hard as I can or as hard as usual?”  You may already be working as hard as you can.  If so, working as hard as usual is meant to suggest not pushing yourself to new heights each and every day.

Working hard is a good thing.  Proverbs 14:23 says, “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”

My two oldest sons just started a summer job that requires them to start working at 6am.  This is a big challenge for them, a chance to grow and develop great work habits.  If they work as hard as usual, they’re going to have a long summer.  If they work as hard as they can (like I know they will), they will flourish and continue to hone skills that will carry over into adulthood.

Many coaches say great basketball players are made in the summer.  Same is probably true for other sports. What are you doing with your summer?  Better yet, what are you doing with TODAY?

For next week I plan to debut my video Tip of the Week.  I’ve got all the tools in place and plan to role it out next Friday.  If you don’t see it then, you’ll know I’ve been working as hard as usual.  🙂

Kimm Road hoop cropped