This week’s tip comes from current broadcaster and former NFL & Notre Dame star running back, Darius Walker.

darius walker

Appreciate life away from sports.

Darius had an amazing career at Notre Dame, putting up some impressive stats.  But, as he told me last fall while working in TV together, he’s also got some regrets.

“I wish someone would have told me to appreciate life outside of sports.  I was so focused on football, that I rarely hung out with friends…  I should have taken more time to cultivate relationships and involved myself with alternative extracurricular activities.  I definitely missed out on some amazing experiences.”

Obviously Darius had some amazing experiences as an athlete.  Not many get to play in front of 100,000 fans with millions more watching on TV.  But look at his words:  I wish someone would have told me… I was so focused… I definitely missed out.  Focus and determination are excellent character traits.  But so is balance.  And if it’s all about football, basketball, or baseball, then it’s really all about you.

Perhaps you have the pleasure of working with a young athlete who is focused and hard working.  Be sure to remind him to enjoy life away from sports.  Have him cultivate relationships, do things for others.  More on that next week!