Today’s Tip of the Week comes from Western Michigan head football coach, PJ Fleck.  In his second year as head coach, Fleck was named the MAC Coach of the Year.



This is obviously more of a mantra or motto than a tip from coach Fleck.  The oars that propel the boat are symbolic of the energy you bring to the most important things in your life.  The boat signifies sacrifice: what are you willing to give up for something you’ve never had?  And finally, the compass in the boat represents the direction you are headed.

As a child, I used to visit my grandfather’s cabin on a small lake in upstate New York.  While there, I’d use his old, beat up metal row boat.  The oars often fell out of the oar locks and there certainly was no compass.  As a result I spent a lot of time on that lake going in circles.

Do you find yourself going in circles?  Maybe you need more energy, sacrifice, and direction.  Have you ever rowed a boat?  It’s hard work!  If you can combine that energy with a willingness to sacrifice for someone or something, all while receiving good direction, there is no telling what you can accomplish!

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