Today’s Tip of the Week is from CBS Sports announcer, Clark Kellogg.  This is the third tip I’ve received from Clark.  He’s a busy man this time of year and is once again doing a fantastic job covering the NCAA tournament.

clark kellogg photo

“Control the controllables and don’t major in a minor.”

When I asked Clark for an example of this tip in action in his life, he gave me this: “Each of our three children are now young adults.  All were clearly enlightened as to how my wife and I felt about tattoos.  Our preference was, don’t have them.  Upon going to college each of them got one or more.  Disappointing, yes.  Armageddon, no.”

Indeed, we parents (and coaches) can sometimes overreact when we see athletes making poor choices.  Some choices might be simply minor irritations, whereas the most important thing to major in, or control, is the heart & mind of the athlete.  Is this athlete willing to listen to me?  Do I have their respect and attention?  Do they receive instruction well or do they pout and defend themselves when corrected?  When compared to these questions, many issues are “a minor.”

Everyone is susceptible to poor choices.  If we parents and coaches focus on the attitudes of our children and players, dealing with their choices will be much easier.

As always, feel free to share this tip as well as recommend this site.  Thanks, and enjoy March Madness!