Saw this great piece of the University of Utah and their head coach, Larry Krystkowiak.

larry krystkowiak

The article mentions Krystkowiak’s first year at Utah in 2011-12.  They were not good.  I got to call one of their games early in the season at Boise State.  They lost badly.  I remember being surprised they ended up winning 6 games that season.  Coach K has obviously done a fantastic job at Utah.  I can’t help but think that Coach K’s players will go out into the business world prepared to be leaders.

I am a much bigger fan of young men learning leadership skills in the crucible of athletic competition versus the literal battlefields with bullets, bombs, and blood.  And I agree with the author of the CBS piece, Jon Solomon, that comparing sports and war is “cliche.”  I’d also go a step further and say it’s unnecessary and harmful.  But clearly the Navy SEAL training had a positive impact on the Utes.

If you perform poorly in war you can be killed.  If you perform poorly in the business world you can be fired and go broke.  If you perform poorly on the basketball court you might get chewed out by your coach or get sent to the bench, but you won’t die and you won’t lose your ability to provide financially for your family (at least at the high school and college level).  This is one of the reasons why I love athletics so much.