Jack Miller, the starting center for the Michigan Wolverines, decided to quit football and forgo his senior year of eligibility, partially due to concerns over concussions.

jack miller



Miller sounds like a very mature, thoughtful athlete.  I particularly liked this line:  “Football has taught me so much about life, it’s incredible how much I’ve learned from it. That’s why my dad ultimately wanted me to play the game at a young age, then we found out I was good,” he said. “But is it worth the potential injury? Really tough call.”

There are risks in every venture.  That’s part of what makes them adventures!  In the end all competitive athletes retire.  Some earlier than others.  Some by their own volition, others because they are forced to.  Some bow out quietly and gracefully, others publicly and controversially.

Miller is now the second football player in his earlier twenties to walk away from a promising career this month.  Football is a violent sport.  It can be very dangerous.  Will we see many more players walking away?  What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.