This week’s tip comes from NBA veteran, Kyle Macy.

Kyle Macy young

Kyle won an NCAA title while playing at the University of Kentucky.  He still holds the record for highest free throw percentage at Kentucky as well as for the Phoenix Suns.

Get balance in your game and life.

In athletics this is fairly obvious.  You have to be balanced to perform well – think of the batters stride, the boxers stance, shooting a free throw, skiing down an icy slope, etc.  When it comes to balance in life, Kyle says three words help him define balance: Character, Discipline, Faith.

Character: What do you do when no one is watching”

Discipline: Doing what you’re supposed to do, at the right time, to the best of your ability, each and every time.  (I love this one!)

Faith: Understanding the bigger picture and your role in it.

Athletics can teach us character and discipline and many other valuable skills.  We can then carry those lessons off the court into the rest of our lives.  Likewise we can take skills like character and discipline from our everyday life onto the court.  That is a beautiful balance.