Storming the court – where hundreds if not thousands of fans rush onto the court after a home win – has become all the rage in college basketball.  There is even a really cool website on college basketball called Rush the Court.

Well it happened again last night after Kansas State upset Kansas at home.  But this time it got a bit out of hand.

Coach Self mushed at KSU

So you tell me, my readers, should this sort of thing be banned?  Regulated?  Should schools simply let it continue?  I love the passion and energy on display in college athletics.  But sometimes 18 to 22 year olds get out of hand.  I know I sound like my father here (or your father, or someone else north of 40 years old).  Unfortunately what happens in cases like this is policies/rules/laws are enforced that deal with the lowest common denominator.

(I found the below photo posted on in the link above.  Originally it came from twitter so I have no idea who to credit.)


The guy that rushes the court and bumps into an opposing player or shouts obscenities at the opposing coach basically ruins it for everyone else.  How do you manage that guy without stripping away the freedom of everyone else who manages to exhibit self discipline.

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