I will be calling tonights San Diego State @ San Jose State men’s basketball game on ESPN3 with legendary Kentucky Wildcat sharp shooter, Kyle Macy.

Kyle Macy old  Kyle Macy young

Kyle played one year at Purdue University then transferred to Kentucky where he won an NCAA championship.  After college he had a successful 7 year NBA career.

Yesterday’s Tip of the Week was from alpine skier, AJ Kitt.  He focused on how it takes 10,000 hours to master something.  Many will remember Kyle Macy as one of the greatest free throw shooters of all-time.  Clearly he spent over 10,000 hours mastering shooting.  I’d love to know how many free throws he took in his lifetime and how many hours he spent shooting a basketball.  I’d be surprised if he kept track but it will still be interesting to hear his answer.

How does all this relate to my novel, The Blue Team?  Good question.  Right now I am still editing the book.  I thought I was done, but some recent help is really making the message MUCH sharper.  The story is approximately 108,000 words.  I have a whole separate file of scenes I have cut from the story that amount to 66,000 words.  I have another 5 discarded versions of the book on my computer that amount to probably another 500,000 words!  I’m wondering when I’m going to master this story!

The Blue Team may be my first novel but I feel like I’ve written it many times over now.  And that’s fine.  I want the story AND the message to have an impact.  So for those waiting for its release, I thank you for your patience.