The Blue Team is my debut novel.  Its debut is probably going to be delayed past my intended release date of March 1.  I was recently asked what kind of book I wanted to write.  Did I want to write a book that is an interesting basketball story that people will forget soon after reading, or did I want to write a book that has such a strong and powerful message that it will last generations.  I am shooting for the latter.

The message of The Blue Team is that we are our own worst enemy.  The guy trying to block your shot, or tackle you, or strike you out at the plate is your fellow competitor.  Your mind is the great adversary.  Once this is discovered the athlete can let his competitive fire burn brightly without burning himself.

As I continue to write the journey of the main character, Thomas Conner, it finally dawned on me that his recognition of how awful his mind is lacks depth.  His change of heart lacks depth.  Bottom line, he is a hypocrite and the story needs to reflect this.  How many others are hypocrites – claiming one thing and doing something else?  Well, I know of at least one, because Thomas Conner is a pretty close match to how I used to be.  I am thankful I am no longer that person and pray that if there is any hypocrisy still in me, that it will be rooted out immediately.

It’s important that we face the truth.  Thankfully the Lord has allowed me to be confronted time and time again with the truth.  My goal is to make The Blue Team a great story with a powerful message.  Thanks for your patience as I continue to strive for that goal.