You may have heard about the recent girls high school basketball game in California.  The score was 161 – 2.  No joke.

Life can be brutal at times.  Sports can be brutal.  The free market can be brutal.  Just ask typewriter and cassette tape salesmen.  Those of you under 18 reading this might not even know what those two things are!  Just like the profit and loss statement of a business, the final score of a game sends a message.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  What we do with that information is crucial.  Should we feel sorry for the company selling cassette tapes or should we encourage them to start selling CDs?  Should we feel sorry for the losing team or encourage them to practice harder.

161-2 is extreme.  I do feel you can play sports with honor and dishonor.  Was the head coach of the winning team dishonorable for running up the score?  Dr. Gary North has an interesting take on it.  See the link below.

A bit more light is shed on the game in the link below from USA Today.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you.