This week’s Tip of the Week comes from the head football coach at Western Michigan University, PJ Fleck.  Fleck is young, charismatic and a rising star in the college coaching ranks.  In only his second season, the Broncos went 8-5 after going 1-11 last season.


“Never sacrifice what you really want for what you want right now.”

Another way of saying this is never sacrifice long term goals for short term gratification.  For the athlete, it’s easy to see the application of this maxim.  If you want to lose weight so you can be quicker, don’t eat that bowl of ice cream right before you go to bed.  If your goal is to be a better free throw shooter, don’t head to the showers right after practice because you’re tired; rather stick around and take some extra shots.  If you’re a quarterback and you want to play great in the upcoming game, don’t press the snooze button when you know you need to get up early and go watch film before classes.  You get the picture.

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