In my weekly Tip of the Week I quoted former head basketball coach at the University of Idaho, University of Utah, and Weber State University, Joe Cravens.  Joe won over 100 games at Weber State and is now a basketball color commentator for a number of networks.

Make sure when you say “I’m working as hard as I can,” you don’t really mean “I’m working as hard as I ever have.”

When I got this tip from Joe I was blown away.  What great insight!  The mind is a wonderful tool, but it can fool us.  We may think we’re working hard, but in reality we’re capable of much more.  I know there are times when I think I am working as hard as I can but could really give more.

How will you know if you are working as hard as you can?  Good question.  That’s where coaches and parents and teammates come in.  We often don’t know how hard we can work until we’re pushed to work harder.  Allow yourself to be pushed.  You may be surprised at the results.

In Colossians chapter 3, it says “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart…”  If you are working as hard as you can, good for you.  Keep it up!

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