First year head coach, Charlie Strong, just dismissed another player from the Texas Longhorns football team.  That makes 9 dismissals since he was hired.  The reason given, as is oft the case, was violation of team rules.  I don’t know any of the facts behind these dismissals but I am giving Strong the benefit of the doubt.  Seems he has laid down the law and is making everyone on the team stick to it.

Strong is taking a bit of heat for his no-nonsense approach.  One website,, went so far as to say, “It’s Strong’s prerogative to coach how he wants, but dictators are only tolerated if their iron-clad ways lead to results.”  Dictator?  Since when did a football team become a democracy?  There is but one head coach on a team and just because he holds players accountable doesn’t make him a dictator.  That makes him a good leader.

Discipline is a good thing.  I’ve talked about that on this site before.  We all need it.  It may sting and hurt, but in the long run, it might be the best thing for us.  Who knows, perhaps one of those nine former Longhorn players had never been held accountable before, never been forced to take responsibility for his actions.  Maybe one day that will save him from heading down a path that leads to destruction.

We all need to be held accountable.  On a sports team players can help each other, but it’s ultimately the role of the head coach.  As a Christian I believe ultimately God is in charge of everything since he made everything.  Therefore we are all accountable to Him.  When a person, through his faith, is holding himself accountable internally, there is less need for others to hold him externally accountable.

But we all need help making good decisions, no matter how strong our internal motivation is.  That’s where coaches come in.  They can have an incredibly positive impact on a players life.  It is my hope that Charlie Strong is having such an impact in Texas.