These are fascinating times for those of us who follow college sports.  Last week in particular there were two big decisions.

One was from U.S. District judge, Claudia Wilkin.  She ruled against the NCAA in the so-called Ed O’Bannon anti-trust lawsuit.  Then the NCAA board overseeing division I athletics decided to give the power 5 conferences more autonomy.

While these decisions could dramatically alter the college athletic landscape, I again am drawn to the words of Big-12 commissioner, Bob Bowlsby.  He talked about “unique” challenges and then talked about the rules for “we.”  Well, unique means one of a kind, so there is no we in unique.

But this is sytematic of our culture.  We love big solutions. Verdicts from a federal judge and an NCAA board vote are big solutions.  I think what college athletics needs are lots of small solutions.

Small solutions are what drives free markets and faith.  We become followers of Christ one person at a time.  Just because I am a Christian does not mean my children are as well.  Each one of them needs to make that personal commitment to believe in Jesus.

Same in a free market.  Consumers drive the bus with their purchases, one I-pod at a time, one golf club at a time, one burger at a time.  The miserable failure of EVERY Communist economy is ample proof that big solutions don’t work for economies.  We all act in our own best interest when it comes to our dollars.  This is a good thing.  We vote with our money.  Those businesses that are good at what they do get more dollars; those businesses that aren’t go bankrupt.

The same SHOULD hold true in college athletics.  Let the schools decide what is best for their athletes.  The schools that do it right will get the best athletes.  I don’t see a problem with that.  Do you?  If so, let me know.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.